Wildlife Sculptures
" Rocky Mountain Challenge/Lone Bull" Bronze Sculpture

Texas artist, Max Greiner, Jr. is best known for his powerful Christian religious sculptures, even though his work also includes beautiful landscape oil paintings, jewelry and stunning wildlife bronze sculptures.

Greiner's art is collected in all 50 states and more than
two dozen countries.  It is in the collections of popes and preachers, presidents and governors, national and international business leaders, and the stars of TV,
music and sports.

Greiner's best known works include "Divine Servant"®, "Fisher of Men"®, "The Great Commission"®,
"The Coming King"®, "The Empty Cross", "Lion of Judah" ™ the "Sword of the Spirit ®, the "Christian Butterfly"®, and "ISHI", North America's last wild Indian.

Max started his business selling wildlife bronzes but God changed his direction to focusing on the Creator more than the creation. Max’s wildlife art is still available to collectors. He no longer attends wildlife conventions and art shows because God has set his sights on bigger game.  Today God uses Max and Sherry Greiner to introduce people to the love and power of God through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  To learn more about Max and Sherry’s God click here.

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